Campaign Responses

Every day, I receive dozens of campaign emails from constituents concerned about a huge variety of national issues. While individual constituency enquiries will be answered by email or letter, due to the vast increase in the volume of campaign emails now being generated, I can no longer guarantee replying to these individually and am therefore posting my responses on this section of my website.

Sheikh Jarrah - Letter to the Secretary of State

On behalf of all those in Bolton North East who have contacted me regarding the tensions in Sheik Jarrah, I wrote to the Foreign Secretary to urge Israel and Palestine to step back from the brink.

I will continue to monitor the situation closely and look forward to more clarification.

Free School Meals

Free School Meals (FSM) have been provided to children from low-income households for the last 100 years.

UK Internal Market Bill

Thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding the second reading of the UK Internal Markets Bill which passed through Government last night. I would like to take the opportunity to explain why I voted for it and what the Bill means for the UK in practice. 

Independent Press and Coronavirus

I appreciate just how important independent newspapers are. I am pleased to say that I am a regular contributor to my constituency's local newspaper, The Bolton News.

The Reopening of Businesses

I know that this has been a particularly challenging time for many businesses, so I’m pleased that the Government has announced that as of 4th July 2020 pubs, restaurants and hairdressers’ shops can reopen, provided it is safe for their staff and customers. 

Impact of Covid-19 on BAME communities

Coronavirus is the biggest challenge the UK has faced in decades – and we are not alone. All over the world we are seeing the devastating impact of this disease.

NHS Salaries

I pay tribute to every single person working in the NHS during this incredibly difficult period.

Divorce Law Reform

The end of a marriage is an extremely painful time for any couple, and I am aware of the strength of feeling on this issue. When a relationship ends, it cannot be right for the law to introduce or exacerbate conflict between divorcing couples.

UK Involvement with Yemen

The crisis in Yemen is deeply concerning and I feel for the plight of the Yemeni people who are caught up in the conflict.


Safety of Returning to School

Thank you for contacting me about the safety of the wider re-opening schools for some pupils. Protecting the health and safety of the British public is, and must always be, our number one priority.

Exiting the EU Transition Period

On 31 January 2020, the United Kingdom left the European Union and the Withdrawal Agreement the Government agreed with the EU entered into force.  

Trophy Hunting

As sentient beings who can experience fear and pain, all animals should be treated with thought and care.