Our Plan


1. Save Bolton Town Centre

We've secured over £40 million of government investment to improve and modernise our town centre. With a new hotel, apartments and innovation hub. Helping create local jobs and ensuring our town centre is a place to be proud of. 

2. Make Our Streets Safer for Every Resident In Every Community

Government investment has meant an extra 1,280 police officers have now been recruited for Greater. And Im making sure here in Bolton we get our fair share, with officers focused on your local priorities. That's why I am working with residents to identify crime hotspots and to work with the police to cut down on anti-social behaviour and Nitrous Oxide usage. 

3. World Class Healthcare in Bolton

We're building a state-of-the-art Bolton College of Medical SciencesPutting Bolton on the map as a training hub for the North West, creating new jobs, supporting Royal Bolton Hospital and our General Practices to deliver on the Prime Minister's promise to cut NHS waiting times and deliver the world-class healthcare we deserve. 

4. Leave Our Green Belt Alone 

Alongside local residents, we're fighting to defend our green belt. Together we can oppose new developments on our green belt and make sure new affordable homes are only built on brownfield land. That way, residents get the homes they need whilst enjoying our green spaces. 

5. Bring Metrolink To Bolton 











We're making tracks with a feasibility study to see how we can bring Metrolink to Bolton. It's unfair that the biggest town in Greater Manchester doesn't have any tram access. Metrolink would give residents better access to jobs and amenities across our region and ensure our town is an attractive and prosperous place to live. 

6. Boost Employment Opportunities 

Giving Boltonians the tools they need to get into work and upskill is key. I'm working with the Department for Work and Pensions to get more people into work, boost the number of apprenticeships and reduce economic inactivity.