Israel - Gaza Response

Mark Logan MP's response to the conflict in Israel and Gaza


Lobby Day on Palestine

I had the opportunity to speak to Palestinian activists, humanitarians and constituents on their concern and support for a ceasefire which I

completely backed upon. Although our Boltonians could not make it, it was important to speak to other voices and listen to their

Save the Children Gaza

Save The Children held a private briefing on the occupied Palestinian territory with Country Director, Xavier Joubert.

BBC Newsnight

Appearing on BBC Newsnight, I voiced my concern about the Islamophobia. As a member of the cross-party parliamentary group on British Muslims, I strongly believe that the MP in question should offer a genuine apology for the unfounded claims about Sadiq Khan.


Supporting Bolton4Palestine, I spoke at the protest, stressing the urgency of a ceasefire and asserting the need for the UK to openly call out Israel, our close ally, to advocate for peace in the ongoing conflict.


In my speech in the Chamber, I expressed full agreement with a fellow Member on the urgency of the motion calling for an immediate ceasefire in the Israel-

Speech in Parliament

I paid tribute to the hard work of my local constituents, Dr Samir Naseef and Dr Ibrahim Hamami who are working as are working as volunteer medical practitioners and who have asked what preparations we are making to prepare the ground for the post ceasefire period on the ground in Gaza.

MEETING: Follow up with Bolton Council of Mosques

As agreed at the conclusion of my first BCOM meeting in October, I planned to return to provide an update based on our previous discussion. I felt there was a consensus of agreement with my approach.

VISIT: Al Aqsa and Noorul Islam Mosques

Prior to the secondary BCOM meeting, I reached out to representatives at Al Aqsa and Noorul Islam mosques to speak with them individually on the topic of the conflict.

WATCH CLIP: Mark Logan MP Question on Gaza in the Chamber

Mark Logan MP has today escalated resident's concerns for the developing situation in Gaza in the House of Commons Chamber. 

He praised the efforts of the Bolton Council of Mosques in Bolton North East, which covers 34 mosques and 60,000 muslims in Bolton.